Engineering is the closest to magic that exists in the world


– Elon Musk


Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced engineering professionals in various aspects of building design engineering and construction and delivers diverse building engineering design capabilities


Electrical Engineering

    • Power System Analysis
    • Illumination and Lighting Controls
    • Fire Alarm and Detection System 
    • Emergency Power and Backup Systems
    • Motor Controls and Industrial Automation
    • Renewable Systems (Electrical) including Solar Photovoltaic System
    • Electrical Engineering Design Peer Review

    Mechanical Engineering

    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System Design
      • Air Distribution System
      • Hydronic Piping System
      • DX (Direct Expansion) System
      • Fresh Air, Exhaust and Energy Recovery System
    • Domestic Cold Water System Design, Domestic Hot Water System Design
    • Sanitary Sewage and Storm Drainage System Design
    • Natural/Liquid Petroleum Gas Piping System Design
    • Fire Protection System Design
    • Passive and Active Mechanical Systems for Sustainable Design
    • Mechanical Engineering Design Peer Review

    Instrumentation Automation Engineering

    • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (PID) Development

    • Control System Architecture and Design Concept

    • DCS/PLC/SIS Engineering and Configuration

    • Installation, Commissioning and Start-up

    • Intelligent Building System

    • Instrumentation and Controls Engineering Design Peer Review

    Environmental Engineering

    • Environmental Site Assessment

    • Contaminated Site Management

    • Environmental Consulting

    Structural Engineering

    • Structural Concepts and Schematics

    • Structural Plan Development

    • Structural Design and Analysis (Vertical and Lateral)

    • Building Foundation Design and Analysis

    • Site Compliance Reviews

    • Structural Engineering Design Peer Review

    Project Management

    • Project Planning and Scheduling

    • Cost Estimating and Control

    • Contract and Contractor Management

    • Cost Forecasting